In order to provide a reliable means for all users to know that the proprietary information sent to the website cannot be viewed or tampered with by other Internet users, uses a Globalsign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital certificate.’s Globalsign certificate gives users the assurance that proprietary files and login information are being sent through the Internet securely, and to the correct place.

SSL is a protocol that enables a web browser and a web server to communicate securely, encrypting documents and other personal information before they are sent over the Internet. The SSL-enabled web server combined with a Globalsign SSL certificate assures all users connecting to the website of three things:

Login Authentication:
Using a unique “session key” SSL encrypts all information exchanged between’s server and its users, including login names and passwords.
File Integrity:
The data in the files uploaded to the website for translation or for delivery to the client cannot be tampered with over the Internet. The encryption technology makes it impossible for unauthorized parties to view users information if it were to be intercepted.
The website is owned by the company that installed the certificate.

When a secure SSL connection is established between the web browser and the web server, the “http” in the web address will change to “https”, for example: “” becomes “”. The SSL connected browser will also display the “locked” icon. An SSL certificate contains the following information:

  • The domain for which the certificate was issued.
  • The owner of the certificate: the person/entity who has the right to use the domain.
  • The physical location of the owner.
  • The validity dates of the certificate.

If you have any comments or questions about the SSL digital certificate, please feel free to contact us.

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