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Translation Direct Access

Pick your translator, pick your price.

Localize all your business materials and expand your company at record-speed, record-budget.
Hand-pick the ideal translator and avoid dissatisfaction.
Deal directly with translators and save money on agency fees.
Translate into any language and for any industry!
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How TDApro Works

Any language. Any Industry. Any file.

1. Upload Files

TDApro can handle any file format, file size or language combination.

2. Make Your Choice

See a list of suitable translators and prices. Choose based on profile information and customer reviews.

3. Order Translation

Purchase directly without hassle — we will notify you when the job is complete.

4. Download Files

Get satisfied or get 100% refunded. Either way, you win.
This is as easy
as it gets.

Top quality, bargain price.

Translation agencies always add excessive fees to your quote — fees sometimes as high as 50% of the final price.

TDApro gives you Direct Access to the same professional translators , slashing agency overheads and reducing total cost significantly.

A bart chart showing information 100% 50% 0 Price TDApro Agency

Quick and easy.

In just a few clicks you can upload your files, find the ideal translator-price combination and get your translation under way. No hassle. No commitment. Just like that.

You’re in charge.

Pick your own translator to avoid dissatisfaction down the line. TDApro lets you check translator profiles and read reviews from other customers, until you find your ideal professional.


Any file, any size.

Cover all your translation needs in one place. From one small brochure or a few AutoCAD drawings, to an entire series of eLearning videos, TDApro can handle it.

Any language, any industry.

TDApro has a huge directory of over 4000 professional translators, all of them native speaking professionals.

With 190 languages and all fields of expertise to choose from, the world is your oyster.

Check out some popular translators…
English to French
Chinese to English
and 9 more…
English to French
German to French
English to French
Italian to French
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Translate and grow your business

Want to start selling abroad? Got a website or product manuals to translate? It’s easier than you thought.

You can translate the entire bulk of your materials at a bargain price — product descriptions, websites, legal and marketing materials, eLearning modules, technical manuals — and start selling abroad.

Clients include:
Nikon Instruments Maxell Europe VMware Halliburton Nike Inc. Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Nintendo Europe Federal Express Corporation
Any Quantity

Enjoy TDApro prices even for voluminous translation orders. Localize your entire business for a fraction of the usual price and conquer new markets ASAP.

Any Material
  • Websites / Apps
  • Product Labels
  • Technical Manuals
  • AutoCAD Blueprints
  • Marketing
  • Brochures
  • Reports
  • Legal Contracts
  • Elearning modules
Total Control

TDApro allows you to keep track of all your orders and provides special support for business clients. We’ll help you break the language barriers, every step of the way.

TDApro is committed to excellence of service.

Your card does not get charged until you successfully download your translated files.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your translation, our team will either make things right or give you a refund.


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